Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

Table of contents:

Learning Styles

Learning Styles and Preferences – VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic); Jung & Myers-Briggs (MBTI); Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

DVC Learning Style Survey for College written by Catherine Jester, Learning Disability Specialist © Copyright 2000 For Educational Uses Only - "This DVC online guide is designed to help you become a more successful student. It includes a Learning Style Survey that will help you identify your learning style. It also includes learning strategies that will help you study in a productive manner, one that matches your unique learning style.” Diablo Valley College

David A. Kolb's Learning Style Inventory “…describes the way you learn and how you deal with ideas and day-to-day situations in your life.”

Funderstanding - “This approach to learning emphasizes the fact that individuals perceive and process information in very different ways.”… Links to learning theories

Learning Styles Assessment Instruments Resource Page “This Web page contains information on selected assessment instruments which are often used to assess student learning styles. This information is provided as a service to higher educators…”

Learning Styles (ILS) – information on an on-line instrument used to assess learning preferences based on Richard M. Felder and Linda K. Silverman’s learning style model. No cost for individuals who wish to determine their own learning style profile and for educators who wish to use it for teaching, advising, or research.

Learning Styles Network - Center for the Study of Learning and Teaching Styles at St. John's University… to promote and disseminate research, information, publications and other resources focusing on learning, teaching, and productivity styles

Paladin Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Career Test –an on-line personality indicator questionnaire and an interest inventory instrument–Paladin is a non-profit organization (There is an administrative fee)

Learning Theory - use for effective teaching

Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences- He describes eight intelligences and now suggests there’s a possible 9th intelligence called “existential intelligence”.